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Revitalize Your Space with Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom should be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, not a dated and cluttered space. It’s time to transform it into your oasis.

PMR Homes & Design specializes in crafting exceptional bathroom remodeling solutions. Whether you’re looking for a fresh aesthetic, enhanced functionality, or both, our experts are here to bring your vision to life.


When considering vanities for a bathroom, there are various options to choose from, depending on your style, storage needs, and budget. Here are some common types of cabinets you can add to a bathroom:

  • Wall-Mounted Cabinets: These cabinets are attached to the wall, providing storage without taking up floor space. They are ideal for small bathrooms or to keep essentials within easy reach.
  • Freestanding Cabinets: Freestanding cabinets are versatile and can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. They come in various sizes and styles, making them suitable for storage and decorative purposes.
  • Medicine Cabinets: These cabinets are typically installed above or within the vanity area. They offer a mirrored front and interior shelving, providing storage for toiletries and medications while also serving as a mirror.
  • Under-Vanity Cabinets: These cabinets fit beneath the bathroom vanity or sink. They offer concealed storage for towels, cleaning supplies, and personal care products.
  • Linen Cabinets: Linen cabinets are tall and narrow, designed to store towels, bed linens, and other bathroom essentials. They can be freestanding or built into the wall.
  • Vanity Cabinets: Vanity cabinets are an essential part of a bathroom and come in various sizes and styles. They provide both storage and a countertop for the sink. You can choose from single or double vanities depending on your needs.
  • Built-In or Custom Cabinets: For a truly personalized and space-efficient solution, consider built-in or custom cabinets. These can be designed to fit the exact dimensions and layout of your bathroom, maximizing storage capacity.
  • Open Shelving: Open shelving is a trendy option that provides a modern, minimalistic look. It allows you to display decorative items and frequently used products. However, it may not be suitable for storing items that must be concealed.

Pro Tip: The type of cabinet you choose depends on your bathroom’s layout, available space, and specific storage requirements. Consider the aesthetics and functionality of the cabinets to ensure they complement your overall bathroom design and meet your storage needs.


A stunning countertop can be the focal point of your bathroom. There is a wide variety of materials to choose,, from timeless granite to modern quartz, to suit your taste and practical needs.

When it comes to choosing countertops for your bathroom, you have several options to consider, each with its own unique characteristics and aesthetic appeal. Here are some common types of bathroom countertops:

  • Granite: Granite countertops are known for their durability and natural beauty. They come in various colors and patterns, adding an elegant touch to your bathroom. They are resistant to heat and moisture, making them a popular choice for vanities.
  • Quartz: Quartz countertops are engineered stone surfaces that offer strength and versatility. They are non-porous and highly resistant to staining, making them low-maintenance and hygienic. Quartz countertops come in a wide range of colors and patterns.
  • Marble: Marble countertops are prized for their timeless and luxurious appearance. They are available in a range of colors and veining patterns. While stunning, marble is more susceptible to staining and requires regular sealing.
  • Solid Surface: Solid surface countertops, such as Corian, are man-made materials that are easy to clean and maintain. They come in various colors and can be seamlessly integrated with sinks for a sleek, uniform look.
  • Laminate: Laminate countertops are a cost-effective choice that offers a wide range of colors and patterns. While they may not be as durable as natural stone or quartz, they are budget-friendly and easy to replace.
  • Tile: Tiled countertops allow for creativity and customization. You can choose from various tile materials, sizes, and colors to create a unique look. Proper sealing is essential to prevent moisture damage to the substrate.
  • Concrete: Concrete countertops provide a modern and industrial aesthetic. They can be custom-made to your specifications and offer design flexibility. Proper sealing is necessary to protect against staining.
  • Recycled Glass: Recycled glass countertops are an eco-friendly option made from recycled glass and concrete. They come in various colors and offer a distinctive, translucent appearance.

Pro Tip: The choice of bathroom countertops depends on your style preferences, budget, and the level of maintenance you’re willing to undertake. Consider the durability, ease of cleaning, and aesthetic appeal when selecting.


Our flooring options combine durability and aesthetics. From classic tiles to warm wood, you can step onto a floor that complements your vision.

Your flooring for your bathroom should enhance the aesthetics and be water-resistant and durable. Here are some popular bathroom flooring options to consider:

  • Ceramic or Porcelain Tile: Tile is a popular choice for bathroom floors due to its water resistance and durability. It’s available in various sizes, colors, and patterns, with endless design possibilities.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl flooring is a cost-effective and water-resistant option. It comes in sheets, tiles, or planks, and it can mimic the look of natural materials like wood or stone.
  • Natural Stone: Options like marble, granite, or slate can add a luxurious feel to your bathroom. However, natural stone is porous and requires regular sealing to prevent staining.
  • Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP): LVP is a waterproof and durable flooring choice that mimics the appearance of hardwood or stone. It’s easy to maintain and provides a warm, comfortable surface underfoot.
  • Cork: Cork flooring is eco-friendly and comfortable to walk on. It’s naturally resistant to mold and mildew, making it a good choice for bathrooms. However, it does require periodic sealing.
  • Engineered Wood: Wood is a more stable and moisture-resistant alternative to solid hardwood. It provides the look of real wood without the susceptibility to water damage.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo flooring is another eco-friendly option. It’s durable, water-resistant, and available in various colors and patterns.
  • Laminate: Laminate flooring can mimic the look of hardwood or tile and is a budget-friendly option. While it’s not fully waterproof, some laminate products have water-resistant features.
  • Rubber: Rubber flooring is often found in commercial settings, but it’s gaining popularity in residential bathrooms due to its slip resistance and durability.
  • Linoleum: Linoleum is an eco-friendly option made from linseed oil, resins, and other natural materials. It’s water-resistant, easy to clean, and available in various colors.
  • Heated Flooring: Heated floors, or radiant floor heating, are an excellent addition to a bathroom flooring remodel, offering both luxury and practicality. They provide comfort by warming the floor and creating a cozy atmosphere, especially during colder seasons, while also contributing to energy efficiency as they evenly distribute heat from the floor up, potentially leading to long-term energy savings.

Pro Tip: When selecting bathroom flooring, consider moisture resistance, maintenance, comfort underfoot, and style. It’s also essential to ensure proper installation and sealing to protect against water damage and maintain the longevity of your chosen flooring.


Proper lighting is crucial for creating the right ambiance. Our selection of fixtures ensures that your bathroom is well-lit and inviting.

Choosing the right lighting for your bathroom is crucial to creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. Here are some types of lighting commonly used in bathrooms:

  • Ceiling-Mounted Fixtures: Ceiling-mounted light fixtures, such as flush or semi-flush mounts, provide general ambient lighting for the entire bathroom. They come in various styles to match your decor.
  • Wall Sconces: Wall sconces are installed on the walls at eye level, providing ambient and task lighting. They are often used on either side of a bathroom mirror for even, shadow-free illumination.
  • Vanity Lights: Vanity lights are a common choice for above-mirror lighting. They come in various styles and can be mounted directly on the mirror or the wall above it. Vanity lights provide even and glare-free illumination for grooming tasks.
  • Recessed Lighting: Recessed lighting, also known as can or pot lights is installed in the ceiling. It provides ambient lighting and can highlight specific areas, such as the shower or bathtub.
  • Pendant Lights: Pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling and can add a decorative element to your bathroom. They work well in larger bathrooms with high ceilings and can provide both ambient and task lighting.
  • Under-Cabinet Lighting: Under-cabinet lighting is often used in bathrooms with vanities or storage cabinets. It provides task lighting for countertop activities and can add a subtle, decorative touch.
  • LED Mirrors: Some bathroom mirrors have integrated LED lighting, offering even and adjustable illumination for grooming and makeup application.
  • Dimmer Switches: Installing dimmer switches allows you to adjust the brightness of your lights to create the desired ambiance and save energy.

Pro Tip: When planning your bathroom lighting, consider the size and layout of your space, as well as your specific needs. Properly positioned and layered lighting can ensure that your bathroom is both functional and visually appealing.


The finishing touches make all the difference. Choose from an array of finishes, from polished chrome to brushed nickel, to create the perfect look.

Choosing the right finishes for your bathroom is essential to creating a cohesive and stylish look while ensuring durability in a humid environment. Here are the standard finishes used in bathrooms:

  • Chrome: Chrome finishes are popular for bathroom fixtures such as faucets, showerheads, and towel bars. They offer a sleek and modern appearance and are relatively easy to clean.
  • Brushed Nickel: Brushed nickel has a warm and satin-like finish that complements various bathroom styles. It’s a durable option that resists fingerprints and water spots.
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze: Oil-rubbed bronze finishes provide an antique and rustic look. They are commonly used for faucets, showerheads, and cabinet hardware. Regular maintenance may be required to maintain the finish’s appearance.
  • Polished Brass: Polished brass offers a timeless and elegant appearance. It’s often used for fixtures and accessories but can require more maintenance to prevent tarnishing.
  • Matte Black: Matte black finishes are a trendy choice for a contemporary bathroom. They provide a sleek and minimalist appearance and are often used for faucets, shower systems, and cabinet hardware.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel finishes are known for their durability and resistance to corrosion. They are commonly used for sinks, appliances, and other bathroom accessories.
  • Polished Nickel: Polished nickel has a bright and shiny finish that adds a touch of sophistication to bathroom fixtures. It requires regular cleaning to maintain its appearance.
  • Copper: Copper finishes offer a warm and distinctive appearance. They are often used for sinks and bathtubs, providing a unique and rustic look. Over time, copper can develop a natural patina.
  • Porcelain: Porcelain finishes are commonly used for bathroom tiles, including floor and wall tiles. They are available in various colors and patterns to match your bathroom’s aesthetic.
  • Glass: Glass finishes are used for shower enclosures and backsplashes. They add a sleek and modern touch to the bathroom while providing a transparent and waterproof barrier.

Pro Tip: When selecting finishes for your bathroom, consider the overall style and color scheme you want to achieve. It’s also important to choose finishes that are easy to maintain in a humid environment, as bathrooms can be prone to moisture-related issues.

Discover how our craftsmanship and attention to detail can transform your bathroom. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on a journey to a revitalized bathroom tailored to your style and needs. Your dream bathroom is just a remodel away.


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