Home Additions & Expansions

With PMR, adding onto your home has never been easier. Our expert design team and builders can help you not only create your dream room but also ensure that it blends in seamlessly with your existing home. Expanding your home to add in an additional room is an exciting project with endless possibilities. From adding a sunroom or an extra bedroom to adding a fun space like a wine room, home theater, or home gym, a home expansion not only increases your living space, but it increases your home’s value.

Conventional House Addition

If you are looking to add extra space to your home’s floor plan, consider a conventional house addition.  This multi-room structure is set to be a permanent opening to the main house, adding in the perfect space for a great living room, dining room, or game room. No matter what you plan to do with this wide-open space, trust PMR to help navigate the way!

Single Room Addition

Single room additions are single-room structures that are built on the side of your house.  These rooms could include an extra bedroom, bathroom great room, office study, or home gym, just to give you a few ideas.   These structures can also be left open to your main home, creating a little bit of extra room to expand a kitchen or bedroom. If you want to add a roof addition, PMR has plenty of experience doing that as well.


Adding a sunroom can give you another area in your home to unwind and enjoy the beautiful outdoor nature without being outside. Soak in the sunlight while reading or look at the stars in the evening without walking out into the cold. These rooms are smaller than a full-size addition and are usually made from prefabricated materials and with thermal-resistant glass.


A modern, well-built garage can increase the value of your home. Not only can you benefit from an updated garage, but if you do decide to sell your house, having a larger garage can be a great selling point. PMR does it all.